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We provide a multi-purpose digital identity and opportunities to build creditworthiness and reputation for 2.


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MicroMoney is an all-in-one wallet and a protocol for non-collateralized, on-chain loans on the Polkadot network. With a mission to help unbanked individuals in 100 out of 196 countries gain access to funds, MicroMoney connects them to existing financial services. The platform offers fast and smart credits, utilizing complex algorithms to predict creditworthiness and providing borrowers with their first loan in just 15 minutes through their smartphones.

MicroMoney also introduces a new approach to on-chain lending with its AMM token, allowing holders to vote on borrowing and uncollateralized loan requests. This creates opportunities for AMM users to generate stable, high returns in DeFi. Additionally, MicroMoney's Unsecured Loans offer instant access to liquidity without requiring initial funds, with only 10% of the desired amount needed.

By repaying loans on time, borrowers can increase their next loan's maximum size by 50%. Lenders contribute liquidity to MicroMoney's pool, which is used for lending and earning interest. With MicroMoney, unbanked individuals can enter the world of decentralized finance and meet their financial needs conveniently and securely


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