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MIDAO helps DAOs incorporate in the Marshall Islands.


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MIDAO Directory Services is a pioneering brand that focuses on helping decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) incorporate in the Marshall Islands. Leveraging the expertise of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) as a leading global shipping jurisdiction and cutting-edge blockchain-friendly legislation, MIDAO offers a groundbreaking legal entity solution for DAOs and Web3 projects. With a rich history in facilitating the growth of the shipping industry and hosting numerous public companies, the Marshall Islands is now poised to become the premier global jurisdiction for DAOs.

MIDAO aims to position the RMI as the go-to destination for incorporating DAOs and Web3 projects, providing comprehensive services and guidance throughout the process. MIDAO's team, led by experienced individuals such as Adam Miller, the CEO, and Bobby Muller, the President, brings together deep knowledge in blockchain, economics, and finance. They are passionate about protecting DAO contributors and helping them navigate the complexities of incorporation.

By offering resources like a comprehensive guide to DAO incorporation, informative podcasts, and a network of partners and lawyers, MIDAO empowers DAOs and Web3 projects to make informed decisions. Their mission is to safeguard contributors and enable them to focus on building innovative and transformative ventures. Download MIDAO's guide to DAO incorporation and get ready to embark on your journey towards seamless incorporation in the Marshall Islands.

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