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MIFARE 2GO manages digitized MIFARE product-based credentials and can enable contactless access and micropayments using NFC-enabled smartphones and wearables.


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MIFARE is a renowned brand by NXP Semiconductors that has transformed the way we access services in over 750 cities worldwide. With their wide range of contactless solutions, MIFARE products have become an integral part of the evolving Smart City landscape. Originally developed for automated fare collection in public transport, MIFARE ICs now enable contactless transit, payment, and access experiences for citizens, anytime, anywhere.

MIFARE offers a diverse range of products to cater to various needs. Their product lineup includes the MIFARE DESFire Family, MIFARE Ultralight Family, MIFARE Plus Family, and MIFARE Classic Family. These products are compatible with the TapLinx RFIDDiscover Reader-Writer Kit, NFC TagInfo App, and NFC TagWriter App, making it easier for users to integrate them into their systems.

MIFARE is also making strides in mobile solutions with their MIFARE 2GO cloud service. This service allows for the management of digitized MIFARE product-based credentials, enabling contactless access and micropayments using NFC-enabled smartphones and wearables. With over 40 applications relying on MIFARE product technologies, MIFARE has proven to be a trusted choice for transportation, loyalty, access, micropayment, electronic identity, and smart media/consumer interaction solutions.

MIFARE's commitment to security, convenience, and scalability has made it a preferred solution for businesses, service operators, and government agencies alike. Discover the power and versatility of MIFARE products and join the ever-growing MIFARE community today!


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