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Mission Adelante is an urban ministry in Kansas City, Kansas that serves immigrants and refugees from all places.


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Mission Adelante is an urban ministry based in Kansas City, Kansas, dedicated to serving immigrants and refugees from all backgrounds. With a history dating back to 2005, their mission is to equip and empower children, youth, and adults in life and faith. Mission Adelante offers a range of programs and services tailored to the diverse needs of their community.

Their Kids Ministries provide a safe and nurturing environment where children can embrace their cultural identity, develop their gifts, and grow in their relationship with Christ. Similarly, their Youth Ministries support and mentor young people as they navigate challenges, follow Jesus, and become leaders in their community. For adults, Mission Adelante's programs focus on building community and providing practical support to immigrants and refugees.

They offer English language classes and assistance in navigating the systems in the United States, with an emphasis on helping individuals prepare for the USCIS citizenship exam and interview. Additionally, Mission Adelante operates Adelante Thrift, a neighborhood thrift store that not only offers a great shopping experience but also serves as a sustainable community development project. Proceeds from the store support the ministry of Mission Adelante, creating jobs and furthering their mission.

At the core of Mission Adelante is a Spanish-speaking church community that meets for worship services and community groups. Their church community embodies the mission of loving people from all places and they actively seek partnerships and collaborations to enhance their work. Through their collaborative initiatives and partnerships, Mission Adelante aims to transform and revitalize their Kansas City neighborhood.

They have produced a powerful mini-documentary called Overlooked, highlighting the positive impact immigrants have on the community. To stay connected and learn more about Mission Adelante's ministries and stories, individuals can subscribe to Adelante Express, their newsletter. With a commitment to loving and serving people from all places, Mission Adelante is making a meaningful difference in Kansas City, Kansas


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