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MK Education Initiative (MKEI) is a non-profit organization that aims to transform education through innovative approaches and technology.


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Mkei, also known as Milwaukee Institute, is an independent not-for-profit research, education, and public policy organization. Their main objective is to provide top-notch computing, communications, and collaboration facilities to support economic development through scientific, engineering, and technology leadership in the Great Lakes region, specifically in SE Wisconsin. With a focus on interdisciplinary and inter-organizational programs, Mkei encourages, enables, and supports research and education initiatives that address contemporary challenges in various fields such as healthcare sciences, financial services, defense, advanced manufacturing, transportation and logistics, new media, environmental, biotechnology, and information sciences.

Collaborating with research, commercial, and government partners, Mkei aims to create a world-class regional computing grid comprising high-performance computer resources, interactive web-based collaboration services, and shared scientific and engineering applications. Their infrastructure is developed to integrate with established national high-performance cyberinfrastructure resources, facilitating collaboration between regional scientists and their counterparts across the US and internationally. Mkei also plays a vital role in public policy initiatives, promoting strategies and long-range plans for the development of a collaborative computational infrastructure.

They advocate for increased funding for research institutions and improvements in math and science education programs across the educational spectrum. Founded in 2007, Mkei received initial funding from leading Milwaukee technology companies, including Rockwell Automation, Johnson Controls, Metavante, and Mason Wells. They are actively engaging with research organizations, governmental agencies, and potential corporate partners to further their mission of building a vibrant research and technology development community in the region.

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