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Moana Minerals is committed to helping the world achieve a greener future through the responsible sourcing of critical metals from the seafloor.


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Moana Minerals is a brand dedicated to responsible and fact-based ocean exploration. Their comprehensive program focuses on collecting, analyzing, modeling, and reporting extensive data to support evidence-based decision-making. The brand's exploration program covers various areas including environment, socioeconomics and cultural heritage, resource, engineering, and metallurgy.

Before determining the feasibility of mining resources, the exploration phase of Moana's Cook Islands nodule project conducts environmental baselining and impact assessments, community engagement and social impact assessments, project feasibility engineering and assessments, and project economics assessments. Moana Minerals follows an ecosystem-based approach to environmental management, aiming to maintain healthy and resilient ecosystems. Every expedition by their exploration team includes environmental research, ensuring a higher frequency and quantity of data for informed decisions.

They also employ adaptive management, learning and adapting processes over time to enhance their environmental management outcomes. The brand relies on scientific analysis and assessment provided by leading independent scientists, supporting their fact-based approach. Data collection and management are done transparently, adhering to best practices and the International Seabed Authority's DeepData database structure for easy access and knowledge transfer.

Moana Minerals values community involvement, providing job opportunities and revenue to the local community in the Cook Islands. If you're interested in their initiative or have any inquiries, the brand encourages you to connect with them, as they strive to create a more sustainable future through their work


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