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Morgridge Institute scientists recognize that a fundamental understanding of human biology will drive the next big advances in human health.


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The Morgridge Institute is a renowned biomedical research institute dedicated to gaining a comprehensive understanding of biology to drive advancements in human health. Our mission is to enhance human well-being through groundbreaking interdisciplinary biomedical discoveries that ignite scientific curiosity and generate tangible outcomes. In collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, we strive to improve society by addressing the critical challenges in healthcare.

We actively support fearless scientists who dare to explore unconventional ideas, encouraging them to take calculated risks that can lead to significant breakthroughs in human health. By eliminating barriers to innovation, we facilitate the rapid pursuit of new opportunities with the potential for profound impacts. Our work is guided by the principles of ethical thinking, ensuring that our research and initiatives are carried out responsibly and with integrity.

At the Morgridge Institute, we go beyond traditional research institutes by actively engaging with the community. We develop dynamic science programs for people of all ages and backgrounds, with a particular focus on underserved populations. By highlighting the importance of science in our daily lives, we aim to inspire a greater appreciation for scientific discovery.

What sets us apart is our unique model for biomedical research, which involves close collaboration with the esteemed University of Wisconsin-Madison. This partnership allows us to build an inclusive community that spans diverse disciplines, accelerating strategic campus initiatives and fostering collaboration among scientific leaders. Furthermore, our institute serves as a training ground for the next generation of scientific pioneers.

The history of the Morgridge Institute dates back to 2004, when a visionary collaboration between the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, UW-Madison leadership, and alumni John and Tashia Morgridge led to the creation of this one-of-a-kind private research institute. Supported by generous gifts, our institute was established in 2006 to enable a collision of ideas and promote unique science education opportunities within the community. Join us in our mission to improve human health.

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