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MPLACE. KZ is the first platform for buying and selling leads in Kazakhstan. We offer advertisers the opportunity to pay only for meaningful user actions such as purchases, registrations, and form completions.

Our unique proprietary technology sets us apart from the competition. With our expertise in affiliate marketing, our partners achieve impressive results. Our platform ensures transparency in transactions with a contract for every participant, guaranteeing fair work and payments.

We offer flexible pricing, allowing you to set your own deal prices based on partner offers and your needs. By integrating seamlessly and providing round-the-clock support, we make it easy for you to start working with our platform. As a webmaster, you can monetize your website by placing ads for affiliate programs and earning from each targeted action.

With a high approval rate, competitive offer prices, a wide range of exclusive offers in Kazakhstan, and transparent statistics, our platform guarantees stable and regular payments twice a month. You can always rely on our comprehensive support and guidance to maximize your earnings. Join MPLACE.

KZ now as an advertiser and present your products or services to your target audience, only paying for the desired outcome. Avoid monthly fees and subscriptions - our platform is completely free for you to use. Our contract ensures legal compliance and fulfills obligations on both sides, giving you peace of mind.

With a large and diverse network of webmasters, you can expand your business by dealing with new partners in our system. We prioritize data security by not storing your customers' personal information. With advanced traffic and order analysis, we maintain high-quality leads and offer personalized manager support to assist you with offers, traffic sources, and any other queries.

Start acquiring customers with us today by registering as a webmaster or an advertiser. Our user-friendly platform provides all the essential features for lead buying and selling. Partner with MPLACE.

KZ, a trusted brand in Kazakhstan


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