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The Musconetcong Watershed Association is an independent non-profit dedicated to protecting and improving the quality of the Musconetcong River Watershed.


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Musky Watershed Association is an independent non-profit brand committed to safeguarding and enhancing the Musconetcong River Watershed, focusing on water quality and preservation. With a mission to protect both people and nature, they have devoted their efforts to maintaining the health and prosperity of the entire ecosystem. The organization has a team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to monitor and manage the Musconetcong River, ensuring its cleanliness and vitality.

Musky Watershed Association offers a range of services and programs to address key areas of concern. These include river cleanups, water quality monitoring, and the removal of dams to restore the natural flow of the river. They also implement initiatives such as the Delaware River Watershed Initiative and the Great Waters Initiative to protect the headwaters and maintain a healthy river system.

In addition to their conservation efforts, they provide extensive educational programs for various groups, including teachers, non-profits, and municipalities. These initiatives, like Camp Musky and the Virtual Classroom, aim to raise awareness and foster a deeper understanding of watershed management. By becoming a member or contributing through their giving programs, individuals and businesses can actively participate in safeguarding and improving the Musconetcong Watershed.

Offering both sponsorship opportunities and avenues for planned giving, Musky Watershed Association provides multiple ways to support their vital conservation work. Stay up-to-date with the latest news and events from Musky Watershed Association by visiting their website and becoming a member. Join their cause and contribute to the preservation of this precious natural resource


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