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Calcula el precio y contrata tu seguro de coche, moto, vida, hogar o salud ¡Vente a la Mutua Madrileña Automovilista y sea cual sea el precio, te lo bajamos✅!


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Mutua Madrileña is a leading insurance company based in Spain, with its headquarters in Madrid. Founded in 1930, the company has a long and successful history in the insurance sector. Mutua Madrileña offers a wide range of insurance products and services to individuals, businesses, and institutions.

The company's main products include auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and accident insurance. Additionally, Mutua Madrileña also provides other financial services, such as investment funds and pension plans. The company prides itself on delivering high-quality service and personalized insurance solutions to its customers.

In terms of global operations, Mutua Madrileña primarily focuses on the Spanish market. However, it has made investments in international markets through partnerships and subsidiaries. One notable subsidiary is SegurCaixa Adeslas, a joint venture with CaixaBank, which specializes in health insurance.

This partnership has resulted in the expansion of Mutua Madrileña's presence in the health insurance segment. Mutua Madrileña holds a strong market position in Spain and competes with other major insurance companies in the country. It has a significant market share in the auto insurance sector and has been recognized for its excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

The company's financial strength and stability have contributed to its strong position in the market. In recent years, Mutua Madrileña has focused on digital transformation and innovation to enhance its customer experience. It has improved its online platforms and developed mobile applications to provide convenient and user-friendly services to its customers.

The company has also expanded its product lineup to address changing customer needs and market trends. As of the latest update, Mutua Madrileña continues to thrive as a leading insurance company in Spain. It remains committed to its core values of customer focus and innovation, positioning itself for future growth and success in the insurance industry


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