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Ashley Narcisse 🇭🇹

Software Engineer at Apollo GraphQl working on making data more accesssible for all


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About Ashley Narcisse 🇭🇹


Ashley Narcisse is a dynamic and talented Software Engineer based in Haiti 🇭🇹. With a passion for empowering developers and making data more accessible, Ashley works at Apollo GraphQL, where they develop innovative and cutting-edge tooling. Ashley is a true geek at heart, with a particular interest in observability, functional programming, and serverless technology.

Their expertise and enthusiasm in these areas make them a valuable asset to any team. In addition to their technical abilities, Ashley is also an influential speaker and advocate for Haitians in the technology industry. They are dedicated to championing diversity and inclusion, ensuring that underrepresented communities have a voice in the tech world.

Ashley's dedication to their craft and commitment to uplifting others is evident in their work and contributions to the tech community. Connect with Ashley on Github, LinkedIn, or Twitter to learn more about their projects and get in touch


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