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Verbetering bij het post commotioneel syndroom (NAH) en Long Covid na een intensieve neuroplasticiteitstraining bij NeuroRC, middels vooruitstrevende interventies en innovatieve technieken onder intensieve begeleiding, vanuit het principe dat het brein plastisch is.


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NeuroRC is a leading brand specializing in the improvement of post-concussion syndrome (NAH) and Long Covid through intensive neuroplasticity training. They offer innovative interventions and techniques, guided by the principle that the brain is plastic and can change. With a focus on modern psychology, biology, and technology, NeuroRC draws inspiration from experts such as David Sinclair, Shai Efrati, Andrea Maier, and Alia Crum, aiming to enhance vitality, creativity, happiness, and overall well-being.

Their dedicated team is committed to quality, connection, and curiosity. Neuroplasticity, the creation of new brain cells and connections between neurons, is at the core of NeuroRC's approach. They provide intensive neuroplasticity training to aid in the recovery from NAH and Long Covid, employing progressive interventions and innovative techniques under intensive guidance.

Additionally, NeuroRC recognizes the essential role lifestyle plays in the development, maintenance, and recovery from health issues. Their programs incorporate elements such as sleep, nutrition, healthy stress management, and the adoption of healthy habits. NeuroRC conducts thorough research, utilizing biomarkers, neuropsychological assessments, symptom questionnaires, and client feedback to measure results.

Stress measurement is a vital component, offering insights into the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. By teaching individuals how to influence their own autonomic nervous system, NeuroRC helps restore balance and well-being. Contact NeuroRC today to embark on a transformative journey towards recovery


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