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Smart fireplace with real fire for apartmentZero-emission innovative device without a chimney.


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Neverdark Smart Fireplaces is a brand that offers innovative and eco-friendly smart fireplaces for apartments. These fireplaces are designed to provide a real fire experience without the need for a chimney, making them safe and easy to use. With Neverdark, you can enjoy the ambiance of a country house fireplace with live volumetric fire and crackling firewood, but without the smoke and ash.

Neverdark smart fireplaces are built with a unique technology that allows you to control the flame height and other parameters, providing you with the perfect atmosphere and coziness for any occasion. Whether you want to meditate, have a romantic evening, or gather with friends for a bright party, Neverdark has the perfect fireplace for you. Safety is a top priority for Neverdark, which is why their fireplaces have no harmful emissions, controlled flames, and safety sensors.

They also offer a 3-year warranty and remote diagnosis, ensuring peace of mind for their customers. Neverdark stands out from other fireplaces on the market with its simplicity and convenience. There is no installation required, no cleaning needed, and the fireplaces ignite with just one button.

They run on plant-based fuel, making them eco-friendly and not polluting the atmosphere. If you're looking for a smart fireplace for your apartment that combines safety, convenience, and an authentic fire experience, Neverdark is the perfect choice. Their wide range of products and dedication to customer satisfaction make them a reliable brand in the market.

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