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合同会社ニコラソフト is a brand that offers a range of products and services related to corporate tax and accounting. Their flagship product, 法人税申告お助けくん (Corporate Tax Assistance), provides businesses with a user-friendly software solution for processing and filing corporate taxes and business taxes. With this software, users can easily navigate through the complex procedures involved in corporate tax filings and make accurate calculations. Furthermore, the brand also offers additional accounting tools such as ニコラ会計 (Nicola Accounting), ニコラ年末調整 (Nicola Year-End Adjustments), and ニコラ確定申告 (Nicola Final Tax Returns). These tools assist businesses in managing their financial records and ensuring compliance with tax regulations. With a commitment to customer support, the brand provides a range of resources, including FAQs, support channels, and information regarding purchasing and licensing. 合同会社ニコラソフト is dedicated to simplifying the tax and accounting processes for businesses, helping them save time and ensure accuracy in their financial reporting.


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