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The Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard covers journalism innovation, tracking how the work behind the news is changing in the internet age.


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Nieman Lab is a prestigious journalism think tank based in the United States that focuses on the intersection of media, technology, and innovation. Founded in 2008, it operates as part of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University. The headquarters of Nieman Lab are located at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This location provides the organization with access to the academic resources and intellectual capital of one of the world's leading educational institutions. Nieman Lab primarily serves as a research and analysis platform, providing in-depth coverage and insights into the changing landscape of journalism. The organization offers a wide range of products and services, including articles, interviews, research reports, and a podcast, all of which are aimed at keeping professionals updated on the latest developments in journalism and highlighting innovative practices.

Although Nieman Lab primarily operates in the United States, its impact is felt globally. Its thought leadership and analysis have garnered a substantial international following, making it a valuable resource for media professionals worldwide. Nieman Lab continually collaborates with various partners to produce content, organize events, and foster innovation in journalism.

As a think tank, Nieman Lab does not engage in direct sales or generate revenue from products or services. Its market position is measured by the influence and impact of its research, analysis, and recommendations on the journalism industry globally. Among its competitors, Nieman Lab stands out as a leading authority on media innovation and technology, regularly cited by industry professionals and organizations.

Nieman Lab has continuously adapted its strategies over the years to reflect the evolving media landscape. The organization has expanded its coverage to include emerging technologies, social media, and digital platforms. Additionally, Nieman Lab has initiated collaborations with other research organizations and universities to conduct joint studies and produce valuable research on journalism and media innovation.

As of the latest information available, Nieman Lab continues to be a vital resource for journalists and media professionals. Its commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in journalism ensures that it remains at the forefront of industry discourse, informing and shaping the future of media


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