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NoMaps | Sapporo is the comprehensive information hub for the convention NoMaps, which takes place in Hokkaido and Sapporo. This convention encompasses conferences, exhibitions, events, exchanges, and experimental demonstrations, all focused on creating the next society and future through creative ideas and technology. NoMaps is a platform that fosters exchange among those who strive to create new value using creative thinking and technology.

The name NoMaps derives from a documentary film named after the American science fiction writer, William Gibson, symbolizing the desire to explore uncharted territories. NoMaps aims to be a base camp where individuals challenging unexplored territories gather, support each other, and inspire one another. It is a place where like-minded people meet, expand ideas, share insights, and pioneer new domains for the future.

NoMaps was established in 2016 and operates under the ALL HOKKAIDO structure, a collaboration between private companies, government agencies, educational institutions, and others, with five missions: promoting the revitalization of the creative industry and its impact on other industries, supporting startups and fostering new industries, cultivating a creative citizen culture, enhancing the international recognition and attractiveness of Sapporo and Hokkaido, and realizing Sapporo as a world-leading innovative city. NoMaps offers a diverse range of programs across five main themes, creating over 100 annual content pieces that transcend genres and fields. These programs include platforms for idea exchange through new proposals and presentations, spaces for experiencing new technologies and services, opportunities to engage in creative experiences such as films, music, and design, opportunities for cross-industry and cross-generational collaboration and new business development, and spaces for exploring new possibilities utilizing the Sapporo and Hokkaido environments.

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