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The Norwegian Nobel Institute was founded for the purpose of assisting the Nobel Committee.


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The Norwegian Nobel Institute is a prestigious brand that is synonymous with the Nobel Peace Prize. Since 1901, the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded 103 times to 137 laureates, including 92 men, 18 women, and 27 organizations. The brand's main focus is to recognize and honor individuals and groups who have made significant contributions to fraternity between nations, the reduction of standing armies, and the promotion of peace congresses.

Throughout its history, the Nobel Peace Prize has acknowledged various forms of peace work and concepts. Initially, it was awarded to pioneers of the organized peace movement, and later shifted to active politicians who worked towards international peace and justice through diplomacy and international agreements. The prize has also been given in recognition of humanitarian work and efforts in arms control and disarmament, peace negotiation, democracy and human rights, and the creation of a more peaceful world.

In recent years, the Nobel Committee has expanded the scope of the Peace Prize, acknowledging the importance of addressing man-made climate change and environmental threats. The brand's celebrations for the Nobel Peace Prize laureate are held annually and include a press conference, award ceremony, and a peace prize exhibition. The award itself is a prestigious 18-carat gold medal with the Latin inscription pro pace et fraternitate gentiums (for the peace and brotherhood of nations).

The accompanying diploma features original artwork by a contemporary Norwegian artist. The Norwegian Nobel Institute is located in Oslo, Norway, and serves as a hub for research, archive access, and events related to the Nobel Peace Prize. Visitors can explore their library, participate in seminars and symposia, and learn about the global impact of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Contact the institute for more information about their opening hours and services. Connect with The Norwegian Nobel Institute on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on their latest news and initiatives. Their mission is to promote peace and inspire global change through their work and the recognition of outstanding individuals and organizations dedicated to peacebuilding


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