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В сети магазинов НОВЭКС Вы найдете необходимые детали Вашего семейного счастья! Для Вас — более 25 000 популярных и уникальных товаров для ухода за собой, семьей и домом.


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Novex is a leading brand in Siberia, offering a wide range of popular and unique products for self-care, family, and home. They have a diverse selection of cosmetics, perfumes, household chemicals, and household goods. The company's history dates back to 1990 when it was established as one of the first privately-owned enterprises in Barnaul.

This is how the name Novaya Ekonomicheskaya Struktura (New Economic Structure) was formed, eventually becoming the familiar abbreviation NOVEX. In 2000, NOVEX entered a new era with the opening of their first retail store in Barnaul, featuring advanced self-service technology. Today, NOVEX is known for its top-five position among the largest drogerie chains in Russia, with over 300 modern and convenient stores across 7 regions of Siberia.

They offer over 25,000 products, including their own high-quality and affordable brands. NOVEX also operates an online store with real-time stock availability and faster delivery options. In addition, they provide a user-friendly mobile application for easy shopping.

With regular discounts and loyalty programs, NOVEX strives to meet the needs of their customers with value and convenience


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