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Breaking the Cycle of Generational Poverty Join our mission to give children in Kenya hope for a bright future.


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Oasis For Orphans, based in Wheaton, IL, is a brand dedicated to breaking the cycle of generational poverty in Southwest Kenya. With a mission to provide children in Kenya with a hope for a brighter future, Oasis For Orphans partners with people from around the world to make a difference. They focus on vulnerable, rural communities that lack resources and support, where quality education is often out of reach for children.

In addition to serving the physically vulnerable and orphaned population in Kenya, Oasis For Orphans also cares for those who are spiritually, emotionally, and relationally orphaned in their daily lives. They prioritize whole-person development, ensuring spiritual, physical, educational, and emotional growth for everyone involved, including children, staff, and supporters. Oasis For Orphans operates three schools, namely The Shelter Academy, The Valley Academy, and The Well Academy.

Through their reputable institutions, they provide quality education and monitor progress to create opportunities for positive change. When it comes to financial transparency, Oasis For Orphans believes in full accountability. They welcome any questions and provide detailed financial reports to show how contributions are used to advance their work on the ground.

Join Oasis For Orphans in their mission to uplift marginalized members of society and create a brighter future for children in Kenya. Get involved, make a donation, or stay updated with their impactful work. Together, we can make a difference


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