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Die Oberschule Hermannsburg bietet ein Lehr- und Lernangebot mit Persönlichkeitsbildung, Berufsvorbereitung und fachlicher Qualifizierung.


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ObS Hermannsburg is a brand that offers a comprehensive and holistic learning experience, focusing on personality development, career preparation, and academic qualification. The goal of the Oberschule Hermannsburg is to provide a well-rounded education that prepares students for future success. The school's principal, Evelyn Haller, emphasizes the importance of a balanced approach, stating, There can be no career preparation without academic competence, no academic competence without personality development, and no personality development without career preparation.

By offering a diverse range of educational opportunities, ObS Hermannsburg ensures that students have the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue their desired career paths. In addition, the school maintains a strong sense of community through various extracurricular activities, including excursions, projects, and events. With a focus on both academic and personal growth, ObS Hermannsburg is dedicated to empowering students and shaping their future


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