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The OCC, also known as Orange County Choppers, is a renowned American motorcycle manufacturer based in Newburgh, New York. Founded in 1999 by Paul Teutul Sr., the company has become widely recognized for its custom-made bikes and its appearances on the reality television show American Chopper. Initially, OCC primarily gained popularity by creating custom motorcycles for individuals and corporate clients.

The company's headquarters, known as the World Headquarters, is a 100,000 square foot facility located in Newburgh, which houses the production workshop, design teams, and retail space. This iconic facility has become a tourist attraction, drawing enthusiasts from around the world. OCC's main products include customized motorcycles, where the company offers a range of options for individual clients and corporations seeking unique designs.

They also sell branded merchandise such as clothing, accessories, and motorcycle parts. While OCC's operations primarily revolve around the United States, the company has gained global recognition through its television show, which airs in numerous countries. Their motorcycles have been shipped to clients worldwide, expanding their international presence.

OCC does not have any notable subsidiaries, joint ventures, or partnerships. However, their collaborations with major brands such as Siemens, Intel, and Microsoft have allowed them to gain prominence and market access. In terms of market position, OCC holds a significant presence in the motorcycle industry, primarily due to its unique designs and ties to popular culture.

While they face competition from other custom motorcycle manufacturers, their television exposure has provided them with a distinct advantage. However, in recent years, the company has faced financial challenges, leading to a decline in their market position. In 2020, OCC announced a partnership with Electric Mobility Company, resulting in the creation of electric motorcycles.

This shift in the brand's strategy showcases their commitment to innovation and sustainability. This new line of electric motorcycles aims to cater to an emerging market segment while maintaining OCC's distinct design and craftsmanship. As of the latest updates, OCC continues to operate, although the company's financial difficulties have had a considerable impact.

Despite challenges, their presence in the motorcycle industry and their iconic television legacy continue to contribute to their visibility and recognition


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