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Oddity is a brand that accompanies companies and brands on their journey into the digitalized and global world. They combine the power of creativity with the intelligence of data and technology to help businesses thrive in rapidly changing environments. Oddity offers a range of specialized teams and services to cater to different industries and brand needs.

Their Stuttgart marketing and digitalization specialists focus on supporting technology-driven brands. They create digital-first strategies and communication that are user-centric, combining UX with brand emotion to advance brands across various channels. In Berlin and Düsseldorf, the oddity group has a team of specialist consumer and channel marketers who work with unique brands.

They develop new branding strategies, social stories, and channel marketing campaigns in the digital age, connecting creation, data, and media. Oddity also offers film and 3D production services through their creative film production team. Using state-of-the-art technology, they develop innovative storytelling formats that express the spirit of our age.

For those interested in e-commerce and marketing in Asia, oddity has a dedicated team in Taipei and Shanghai. They provide support and guidance for European brands in strategy, sales, and marketing across Asia. Oddity also works closely with dm-drogerie markt, one of Germany's best-loved retailers.

They serve as the digital lead agency for dm, overseeing strategy, e-commerce platforms, social media, campaigns, and content marketing. The oddity group's cross-location software development team focuses on development, data analysis, and AI. They work on various projects while exploring experimental ideas and pushing the boundaries of digitalization.

With their team of experts and specialists, oddity has established itself as a leader in the industry. From their diverse locations in Stuttgart, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Taipei, Belgrade, and Shanghai, they provide exceptional services to help brands succeed in the digital world


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