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The National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution supports and sustains the development of information technology applications.


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ODR is a renowned brand that specializes in Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) solutions. With a strong mission and history, ODR is dedicated to providing efficient and accessible ways to resolve conflicts and disputes online. Founded by Ethan Katsh and directed by Leah Wing, the brand offers a wide range of programs and resources to facilitate peaceful and fair resolutions in various contexts.

ODR's offerings include the International Council for Online Dispute Resolution (ICODR), Internet Bar Organization, and NSF Projects, among others. These initiatives aim to bring together experts and stakeholders to promote the use of ODR globally. Furthermore, ODR provides valuable resources such as publications, podcasts, and training courses, ensuring individuals have the necessary tools to effectively navigate and engage in online dispute resolution.

ODR is recognized for its commitment to ethical principles, standards, and guidelines, focusing on respect and fairness. They also collaborate with courts and ODR providers to integrate efficient and user-friendly ODR systems. Join ODR in their mission to transform conflict resolution and build a more harmonious online environment.

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