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The Gambia OIC Secretariat is the national coordinating body responsible for overseeing the organization and management of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Summit that was held in The Gambia in 2022. The OIC Secretariat was established in 2019 by the Gambian government to ensure the successful hosting of the summit. The headquarters of the Gambia OIC Secretariat is located in Bijilo, a suburb of the capital city, Banjul.

The headquarters is a state-of-the-art facility that houses administrative offices, conference rooms, and other necessary facilities to support the operations of the secretariat. The main function of the Gambia OIC Secretariat is to coordinate and facilitate the planning, organization, and implementation of activities related to the OIC Summit. This includes working closely with the OIC member states, international organizations, and other stakeholders to ensure the success of the event.

On a global scale, the Gambia OIC Secretariat collaborates with various international organizations and bodies to promote cooperation and development among member states. It also works towards advancing the interests of The Gambia within the OIC and strengthening the country's relationships with other member states. As the hosting country of the OIC Summit, the Gambia OIC Secretariat holds a prominent market position in terms of global sales and influence.

The summit attracts international attention and provides opportunities for The Gambia to showcase its potential for investment and economic growth. One significant achievement of the Gambia OIC Secretariat was the successful hosting of the OIC Summit in 2022. The event brought together world leaders, diplomats, and top-level officials from over 50 countries, and showcased The Gambia's potential as a tourist destination, investment hub, and advocate for peace and development.

As of now, the Gambia OIC Secretariat continues to operate in its headquarters in Bijilo and remains actively involved in post-summit activities. The secretariat is committed to ensuring the effective implementation of the resolutions and decisions adopted during the summit, as well as promoting The Gambia's interests within the OIC. The secretariat is constantly seeking ways to enhance its global presence and strengthen its partnerships with other member states to drive economic growth and development in The Gambia


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