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OIM crossmedia provides database publishing, creation of Internet and intranet applications as well as individual software.


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OIM crossmedia GmbH is a renowned brand that offers a range of services tailored to meet the needs of their diverse clientele. With over 25 years of experience, they specialize in Database Publishing, creating reference works, catalogs, and lexicons, as well as flight and timetable production. They have also been developing internet and intranet applications since 1998.

When it comes to web development, OIM crossmedia GmbH excels in building websites, from simple applications to sophisticated platforms integrated with e-commerce systems. They can help you with CMS systems such as egoCMS, Joomla, Drupal, and Typo3, and integrate various shop systems like Magento, Shopware, and wooCommerce. Additionally, they provide services like SEO, AdServer, and Analytics to optimize your online presence.

The brand also offers web applications, tailor-made tools, and apps for smartphones and tablets, which can significantly streamline your work process. With their expertise in Windows applications, they can develop helpful tools using. NET applications and Access.

OIM crossmedia GmbH takes pride in their long-term partnerships and network of clients, ranging from small businesses to large corporations. Their commitment to professionalism and delivering outstanding results ensures client satisfaction. Located in Bamberg, the heart of one of Germany's most beautiful cities, OIM crossmedia GmbH can be contacted at Lange Str.

7, with phone and fax numbers provided, as well as email and website information. Reach out to them to benefit from their expertise and efficient solutions


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