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صنایع بهبود دهنده نان اماج، مواد بهبود دهنده نان، پرمیکس آماده نان، مواد قنادی، بیکینگ پودر, پودر مافین ساده, پودر شکلاتی، براق کننده شیرینی، مغزی آماده مصرف


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Introducing Amaj Bakery Improvement Industries, a renowned brand in the food industry. Since 2001, Amaj has been dedicated to producing high-quality bakery enhancers, confectionery ingredients, and chocolate products. Combining state-of-the-art technology, premium imported raw materials, and strict adherence to technical and sanitary regulations, Amaj offers a wide range of products including bread improvers, ready-to-use premixes for bread and pastry, confectionery ingredients, baking powders, plain and chocolate mousse powders, cake powders, and cake glaze enhancers.

Amaj takes pride in its commitment to delivering superior quality and building strong relationships with customers. The brand continuously strives for innovation and quality improvement, evidenced by over a hundred research projects focusing on product optimization and formulation. With expert and dedicated staff, Amaj aims to provide the best bakery and confectionery solutions.

For direct orders of Amaj's bakery enhancers, premixes, confectionery ingredients, and glaze enhancers, please contact our central office. Experience the excellence of Amaj products and enhance your baking creations


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