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Mit diesen Gedanken nahm Cordula Weimann im Jahr 2019 die Dinge selbst in die Hand und gründete die mittlerweile bundesweit aktive Bewegung „Omas f


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Omas for Future is a nationwide movement founded in 2019 by Cordula Weimann. With a focus on love for life, this movement aims to raise awareness about the vulnerabilities of our children's and grandchildren's future due to climate change. By emphasizing the importance of living in harmony with nature and promoting love, respect, and fair balance, Omas for Future encourages everyone to actively contribute to creating a climate-friendly society.

Omas for Future provides accessible and interactive formats to inform individuals about the impact of personal consumption and lifestyle habits on the natural balance of life. They offer solutions for individuals to make small behavioral changes in their daily lives, creating a positive impact on our environment. Omas for Future also organizes events, workshops, and quiz sessions to engage and educate participants on climate-related topics.

Joining this movement means becoming part of a strong community dedicated to preserving our Earth. Omas for Future is active in various parts of Germany, as well as in the Netherlands and Austria. With the support of a motivated team and funding from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, Omas for Future is committed to making a substantial impact, with goals such as reducing 17,600 tons of CO2 emissions, establishing 80 new regional groups, and distributing quiz booklets to promote climate education.

Embracing sustainability and the power of collaboration, Omas for Future invites individuals to participate, learn, and take action in creating a greener and healthier future. Discover the knowledge and inspiration you need to make a difference through their informative resources and interactive quizzes, and become part of the solution for a sustainable world


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