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Secure, private and compliant access to blockchain infrastructure.


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OMNIA Protocol is a brand that offers secure, private, and compliant access to blockchain infrastructure. With OMNIA, you can generate secure Remote Procedure Call (RPC) for popular blockchain networks like Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon, providing you with frontrunning protection. In an increasingly regulated global landscape, OMNIA stands out as the first blockchain infrastructure provider that protects your systems in real time from illicit activities, ensuring compliance with sanctions and crypto regulations.

One of the key features of OMNIA is its commitment to privacy and consumer protection. By obfuscating your off-chain data, OMNIA prevents your transactions from being tracked, safeguarding you against scams, hacks, and front-running attacks. OMNIA's infrastructure is secure and reliable, backed by a decentralized network of thousands of nodes distributed worldwide.

The protocol utilizes geolocation-based request routing, a multi-cloud approach, and data integrity checks to ensure maximum performance and resilience. Join the OMNIA community, which boasts impressive numbers, including over 33 supported networks, 6,813,780 users, and thousands of node owners. Subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated on their progress.

Trust OMNIA to provide you with a secure connection to blockchain through their API endpoints, giving you full control over your secure connections. Protect your DEX transactions from sandwich bots in the public mempool. Looking at their roadmap, OMNIA aims to pioneer privacy solutions, innovate in design, unleash their MVP, and offer early adopter access.

They plan to enhance stability, strengthen compliance with their KYT compliance suite, introducing new features, and expanding support to more blockchain networks. Join the OMNIA team, led by experts in the field, including CEO Christian Lupascu and CTO Alexandru Lupascu. Experience secure and private blockchain infrastructure with OMNIA Protocol


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