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Nous recrutons, rejoignez-nous ! Bien plus que du consulting et du développement, Omnilog c’est un état d’esprit et une expertise technique au service de ses clients et des Omniloguiens.


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Omnilog is not just a consulting and development company, it is a state of mind and a technical expertise dedicated to serving its clients and Omnilogians. Our company's project is built on a foundation of values: sharing, helping one another, and a love for well-executed work that constitute our Omniverse. We prioritize the choice of missions for our consultants.

By getting involved, Omnilogians carry out high-quality projects. This results in clients and our clients' friends renewing their trust, enabling Omnilog to continue its development. Our pillars are Proximity, Quality, and Mindset.

Regular follow-up with our clients and consultants ensures involvement and cohesion within our teams. Our technical expertise and experience gained from projects allow us to meet our clients' quality requirements. Involvement, communication, and teamwork are indispensable skills to join us.

What defines Omnilog are the women and men, engineers and talented individuals, who put their skills at the service of projects. Our teams aim to address major IT project challenges such as product management, user experience, development, testing, data, security, data protection, accessibility, and responsible digitalization. To meet these challenges, we strategically position ourselves in Paris, Bordeaux, and Lyon.

With 23 years of experience, 60 clients, and a turnover of 31 million euros, we offer development, architecture, cloud, DevOps, and project and product expertise. Our projects are guided by our CTOs who bring their experience and expertise to our teams. We also ensure continuous improvement through technical mentoring and training.

Social and environmental responsibility is at the heart of our values, which is demonstrated through inclusive and support-driven projects. Join Omnilog today and visit our website for more information


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