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OneCG TRUE AUTOMATION Innovative product which does everything automatically! Get the case study now CONTACT US Smart Deployments with the help of CI/CD and DevOps OneCG supports a continuous deployment pipeline along with DevOps which allows committing changes to GIT/ repository which will start the CICD pile and rest CICD pipeline will take care of.


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OneCG is an innovative brand that offers a groundbreaking automation solution for Genesys. With their Automatic One Click Administration, they have revolutionized the installation, upgrade, and deployment of Genesys applications. This eliminates the complexities and worries associated with configuration processes, allowing users to seamlessly promote from one Genesys platform to another with just a single click.

OneCG's key features include 1-Click Deployment, which enables users to deploy multiple Genesys applications effortlessly using a simple drag and drop feature. They also provide 1-Click Upgrades, allowing users to upgrade Genesys applications with a single click, selecting the desired application version. Additionally, OneCG offers complete visibility through an audit trail, enabling users to track configuration changes and rollback if needed.

With OneCG, migration to the cloud or on-premise platforms becomes automated, saving time and effort. They also provide a secure and reliable solution, supporting various architecture models such as cloud, hybrid, or on-premise deployments. Experience fast and accurate Genesys administration with OneCG, achieving 100% accuracy while reducing efforts by 90%.

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