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OnOrder makes sales software for the kitchen and bath industry.


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On Order is a B2B order and sales platform specifically designed for suppliers and distributors, offering a seamless ordering experience. With On Order, businesses can provide their customers with a centralized platform where they can place orders, receive confirmations or adjustments, and make payments, all in one convenient spot. One of the key features of On Order is its embedded payment terms solution, which improves cash flow and conversion rates.

Additionally, the platform eliminates communication gaps by allowing direct conversations about availability and timelines within the customer's order. Customers can also comment or discuss product details on every line item, ensuring clarity and reducing the need for back-and-forth communication over emails and phone calls. Furthermore, On Order helps businesses save time and increase revenue by streamlining order management.

All communication and orders are consolidated in one place, minimizing manual entry errors. The platform also enables businesses to create personalized catalogs with integrated checkouts, making it easy to manage customers and process orders efficiently. With On Order, businesses can also ensure timely payments without the need to chase customers for bank transfers or checks.

The platform accepts global payments directly from the catalog and tracks outstanding amounts, providing a hassle-free payment experience. The team behind On Order is made up of experienced builders and leaders in the commerce space who are dedicated to bringing the B2C shopping experience to the B2B world. Their goal is to simplify and optimize the order experience by centralizing orders with customer communication, resulting in improved efficiency and fewer issues.

In summary, On Order is a user-friendly B2B order and sales platform that revolutionizes the ordering process for suppliers and distributors. From streamlined communication and embedded payment solutions to personalized catalogs and efficient order management, On Order offers a comprehensive solution to enhance the B2B ordering experience


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