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Ooredoo is the best telecommunication provider in Myanmar offering the fastest mobile and home internet throughout the country.


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Ooredoo, formally known as Qatar Telecom (Qtel), is a telecommunications company based in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. It has its headquarters in Yangon, Myanmar. Ooredoo entered the Myanmar market in 2013 when it won one of the two available nationwide telecommunications licenses.

Before Ooredoo's entry into the country, Myanmar had limited telecommunications infrastructure and high mobile phone costs. Ooredoo invested heavily in expanding the country's mobile network infrastructure, focusing on bringing connectivity to rural areas. The main products and services offered by Ooredoo Myanmar include mobile voice and data services, fixed-line internet, and business solutions.

The company rapidly expanded its mobile network coverage, providing affordable mobile services to the population. Ooredoo Myanmar has also launched various innovative products and services, such as e-commerce and digital content platforms, to meet the growing demand for digital services in the country. On a global scale, Ooredoo operates in several countries across the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia.

The company has subsidiaries and joint ventures in Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Indonesia, Algeria, Iraq, Tunisia, and Palestine. Ooredoo has formed partnerships with international organizations, such as the International Finance Corporation and the United Nations Development Programme, to support digitalization and development initiatives in its operating markets. In terms of market position, Ooredoo Myanmar has emerged as a significant player in the telecommunications industry within a short period.

It competes with other major players, such as Telenor Myanmar and state-owned operator Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications (MPT). Ooredoo has gained considerable market share, driven by its extensive network coverage, competitive pricing, and innovative product offerings. A major achievement for Ooredoo Myanmar was reaching a milestone of serving over 10 million subscribers within the first year of operations.

This highlighted the massive demand for affordable and reliable telecommunication services in the country. As of the latest information available, Ooredoo Myanmar continues to expand its network coverage and invest in digital infrastructure. The company remains committed to bridging the digital divide and empowering individuals and businesses in Myanmar through accessible and affordable connectivity.

Overall, Ooredoo Myanmar has made significant contributions to the development of Myanmar's telecommunications industry and has positioned itself as a leading player in the market


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