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A free, open-source mobile application dedicated to maintaining the privacy, provenance, and preservation of your media.


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OpenArchive is a brand that is committed to safeguarding media freedom and empowering eyewitnesses to preserve truth in the face of power. Founded in 2015 by eyewitnesses and human rights defenders, OpenArchive aims to dismantle silos and create a more equitable and sustainable media landscape. They have developed a distributed media archiving ecosystem that enables human rights advocates to share, archive, verify, and encrypt their evidentiary media. OpenArchive collaborates with activists and organizations to develop responsive, secure, and ethical archiving technologies and tools, thereby advancing justice and accountability globally. Their vision is to foster a more just and sustainable media ecosystem where people's history takes precedence. OpenArchive offers various services, including building tools that help eyewitnesses preserve, protect, authenticate, and amplify records of human rights abuses. They also support archivist communities and develop best practice guides to combat disinformation and preserve evidence of global injustice. Additionally, OpenArchive conducts research based on their extensive applied research and collaborations with at-risk communities and human rights defense organizations. By empowering individuals armed with smartphones as history's first responders, OpenArchive recognizes the importance of preserving the rich records of injustice and the demand for change they foster. They acknowledge that while social media platforms are useful for distribution, they lack sufficient privacy protections and archival preservation for this critical media. OpenArchive understands that our phones are replaceable, but the captured moments are not. Therefore, they strive to securely route mobile media to community-maintained collections in accessible public and private archives, beyond the corporate walled gardens dominating the online media sphere. OpenArchive invites partnerships and donations to support their crucial mission of preserving truth to power.


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