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Vous cherchez une animation événementielle ? Rythmez et animez vos soirées d'entreprises avec la magie digitale pour un maximum d'effets !


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Open zone is a pioneering brand in the field of Digital Magic in France. Since 2008, they have been creating magical experiences by merging the real and virtual worlds, offering innovative interventions for brands and projects. Open zone's solid and dynamic framework consists of passion, exploration, and creation.

They provide a wide range of services through their team of talented neo-magicians, who utilize digital magic to push the boundaries of traditional magic and create awe-inspiring spectacles. Open zone's commitment to innovation is evident in their use of technologies such as holograms and augmented reality to enhance their performances. With a focus on creating impactful experiences, Open zone delivers unforgettable magic moments in performances ranging from 4 to 40 minutes.

Their team of motion designers, developers, and marketing professionals collaborate with their 15 trained neo-magicians to ensure the perfect blend of technology and emotional connection. Open zone's expertise is trusted by renowned luxury, technology, and automotive brands, and they have successfully performed worldwide. Open zone offers digital magic interventions starting from €1,200 excluding tax, making their services accessible to a wide range of sectors and budgets.

Embrace the magic of Open zone and experience an extraordinary blend of reality and digital enchantment. #OzDigitalMagic #OZezLaMagie


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