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The Open Credit Network helps businesses find new suppliers and customers, avoid bank charges and interest on loans, by trading in mutual credit.


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The Open Credit Network (OCN) is a unique marketplace and trading platform that provides its members with the opportunity to buy and sell without the need for traditional money, banks, or interest. By utilizing mutual credit units, which are equivalent to pounds and exclusive to OCN members, trades are accounted for in a secure and transparent manner. The OCN's main goal is to establish a trust-based and democratically-governed UK mutual credit system that can serve as a model for a global collaborative economy, benefiting both individuals and the planet.

Mutual credit, an age-old concept that has primarily operated on a local scale, is now made accessible to businesses worldwide through the power of the Internet. The OCN's software is freely available as open source code, allowing anyone to set up their own local or sectoral network. Their vision extends beyond the UK, aspiring to create a global 'Credit Commons' that fosters international trade using a democratic currency free from bank control.

Trusted networks, cooperation, abundance, community, and security are the core values that underpin the OCN's operations. Businesses can get involved by creating a free directory listing, becoming a trading member, or volunteering their support. Since its establishment as a cooperative in 2018, the OCN has made significant progress, including assembling a team of advisors, completing a Finance Innovation Lab Fellowship, developing and delivering Alpha Software, releasing their software as open source code, and onboarding over 150 businesses into their directory.

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