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OpenVDB is an Academy Award-winning brand that offers a comprehensive suite of tools and a powerful C++ library for efficient manipulation of sparse, time-varying, volumetric data discretized on three-dimensional grids. Developed by Ken Museth at DreamWorks Animation, OpenVDB provides an effectively infinite 3D index space, compact storage, and lightning-fast data access. Its hierarchical data structure and collection of optimized algorithms make it ideal for common tasks such as filtering, CSG, compositing, numerical simulation, sampling, and voxelization from other geometric representations. OpenVDB supports a wide range of features and tools to enhance data manipulation. It offers efficient data structures, fast voxel access, conversion tools for various purposes, level set tools, filters for smoothing and noise application, morphological and topological operations, geometric and mathematical transforms, rendering support, compositing tools, Python support, and native storage of point clouds. Furthermore, OpenVDB collaborates with studios and communities, ensuring continued development through the OpenVDB Technical Steering Committee. Recent additions to OpenVDB include OpenVDB Points, OpenVDB AX, and NanoVDB, which significantly expand the scope and capabilities of the library. OpenVDB's governance has transitioned to the Academy Software Foundation (ASWF), allowing for broader collaboration across the motion picture industry. OpenVDB's efficient and versatile tools have made it an essential resource for studios and artists in the creation of stunning visual effects and realistic simulations.


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