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OPS Freiberg is a renowned brand that offers a diverse range of educational services. With a strong emphasis on individual development and a supportive learning environment, OPS Freiberg caters to students from different educational backgrounds. Their offerings include a Gymnasium, a Realschule, and a Gemeinschaftsschule, providing a comprehensive education leading to various academic achievements.

OPS Freiberg's commitment to personalized support is evident through their initiatives such as Hausaufgabenbetreuung (homework assistance), HOPS Lernwerkstatt (learning workshop), and Beratungslehrer*innen (advisory teachers). They also prioritize social and extracurricular activities, offering a wide range of Arbeitsgemeinschaften (student clubs) such as Chor, Cyanotypie, and Dance-School. OPS Freiberg fosters a positive school culture through programs like Schul- und Hausordnung (school rules and regulations) and Schule gegen Rassismus – Schule mit Courage (school against racism – school with courage).

Additionally, OPS Freiberg encourages parent involvement through the Freundeskreis der OPS (friends association) and offers comprehensive support services like Schulsozialarbeit (school social work). With its commitment to academic excellence and holistic development, OPS Freiberg is the ideal choice for students looking for a well-rounded education


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