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Optisys creates lightweight and compact SATCOM antennas, LOS antennas and RF components, which are used in deployments from sea, land, air and space.


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Optisys is a leading brand specializing in lightweight and compact SATCOM antennas, LOS antennas, and RF components. Their innovative products are utilized across various deployments in sea, land, air, and space applications. With a focus on short lead times and reduced costs, Optisys stands out for their metal 3D printed compact antennas.

As a turnkey advanced antenna and radar product vendor, Optisys offers next-generation RF solutions that revolutionize system and product performance. Their technology combines low SWaP-C (Size, Weight, and Power-Cost) with high efficiency, enabled by their unique design process and metal additive manufacturing for component production. From feeds and flat panel antennas to phased arrays and Synthetic Aperture Radar, Optisys provides solutions spanning a wide frequency range of 1 to 100GHz.

What sets Optisys apart is their ability to fully integrate peripheral aspects of the RF aperture into the radiating element, including filtering, combiner networks, waveguide switching, and diplexing. This level of integration allows for optimized performance and further minimizes SWaP-C. Optisys takes pride in their comprehensive control over the design, manufacture, and test process, guaranteeing superior product performance and repeatability.

Leveraging their rapid design process and 3D printing capabilities, they can develop and deploy groundbreaking products in record time. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their ability to deliver new components within 16 weeks and expedited repeat orders in just 2 weeks. In summary, Optisys is at the forefront of enabling the next generation of RF solutions.

With their unmatched advantage in lightweight design, compact antennas, and reduced system costs, they continue to push the boundaries of RF technology


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