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Orbifold is a prominent blockchain consultancy that offers comprehensive advice and services in the field of blockchain technology. With their in-depth knowledge and expertise, they provide consultation on various aspects, such as the legality of initial coin offerings (ICOs), the evolving financial regulatory landscape, and the potential risks and rewards associated with blockchain technologies. One of Orbifold's key offerings is their own blockchain, which is currently under construction.

It is designed to cater specifically to the capital markets and will feature its own native currency. The company aims to simplify the language used for capital markets products, including money market instruments, FX forwards, and derivatives. To learn more about their innovative approach, you can read Orbifold's white paper on their website.

In addition to their blockchain development, Orbifold also specializes in real-world applications of blockchain technology that can benefit businesses. By providing proof of concept code bases and balanced business proposals, they assist organizations in exploring the practicalities of integrating blockchain solutions. If you're considering implementing blockchain in your business, Orbifold offers reasonably priced options to determine if it's a viable solution for you.

Orbifold's team consists of industry experts with extensive experience in capital markets and finance. Led by Dr. Christopher Townsend, a renowned executive founder with a background in credit derivatives trading, the team also includes James Davies, the Chief Operating Officer, who has held key positions in various financial entities.

With Orbifold's wide range of services, expert team, and their commitment to exploring the potential of blockchain, they are a trusted partner for businesses looking to leverage this groundbreaking technology. Visit their website today to discover more about what they can offer


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