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Orga Kvarn is a brand that has been delivering high-quality products for many generations. Owned by the Nyman family since 1936, their main objective is to produce Swedish-grown and carefully malted flour. They strive to earn the trust of their customers and provide them with reliable products.

You are warmly welcomed to visit their store, which offers a rustic atmosphere and personalized service. Orga Kvarn also sells fuel pellets from Forssjö Pellets AB, a locally sourced Swedish brand in Katrineholm. These pellets are made from pure wood from nearby forests, primarily from their own sawmill.

They are available in pallets, bulk, and large sacks. In terms of products, Orga Kvarn offers meticulously produced flour using artisanal methods, resulting in a distinct taste and consistency. The flour is completely additive-free and sourced from carefully selected local producers in Östergötland.

Additionally, they produce high-quality animal feed in their facility through collaborations with trusted suppliers. With a charming store adjacent to the mill, they offer a range of products, including flour, cider, jam, and juice from Brunneby Musteri, eggs from Åkerby, honey from Vånga Honung, and various cheeses from Herrsäters Gård. Orga Kvarn is KRAV and VFK certified, ensuring customer satisfaction and trust.

Contact them through phone or email, or visit their location in Skärblacka


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