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Mit 125 Jahren Erfahrung steht Osna Pumpen fΓΌr Tradition und QualitΓ€t im Vertrieb von Industriepumpen.


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Osna Pumpen is a brand with 125 years of experience, known for its tradition and high-quality industrial pumps. Their extensive range of products includes centrifugal pumps, low-pressure pumps, high-pressure centrifugal pumps, vertical setting pumps, submersible pumps, submersible motor pumps, wastewater pumps, and pressure boosting systems. In addition, they offer piston pumps for household water supply and water treatment and disinfection solutions.

Osna Pumpen serves various industries, including industrial plants, municipal utilities, agriculture, and property developers. Their team of competent experts excels not only in handling standard challenges but also in providing powerful solutions for demanding applications in extreme environments. They achieve this by utilizing their own well-established product series, custom-made solutions, and selected high-quality pumps from renowned manufacturers.

Customers can expect comprehensive services from Osna Pumpen, ranging from pump and water treatment system planning and project management to installation, commissioning, training, maintenance, and repair. Additionally, they benefit from reliable access to spare parts, accessories, and consumables. With their extensive knowledge and technical expertise, Osna Pumpen has become a trusted provider of pumping solutions since 1890.

They cater to a wide range of applications worldwide, including chemical and food industries, mining, agriculture, household water supply, and municipal operations. Osna Pumpen's water treatment systems ensure reliable water supply for homes, industrial and agricultural facilities, and entire communities. These individually designed systems incorporate sophisticated filtration and additive technologies to protect users and equipment from substances like iron, manganese, lime, ammonium, and organic impurities.

Whether you're in need of industrial pumps or water treatment solutions, Osna Pumpen is the brand to rely on. Contact them today to find the perfect solution for your specific requirements


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