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OuiCar is a pioneering brand in the field of peer-to-peer car rental, aiming to make mobility more accessible, convenient, and responsible through sharing. Founded in 2012, OuiCar is the first website dedicated to rental cars between individuals. By promoting the use of cars rather than their ownership, OuiCar allows everyone to rethink their relationship with vehicles.

With OuiCar, you can find a car conveniently located near your home, workplace, or close to train stations and airports, making it easy to rent a vehicle for any occasion. Whether it's for weddings, moving, or vacations, OuiCar offers a wide range of customized vehicles to suit your needs. But it doesn't stop there - OuiCar has expanded its services to include everyday car journeys, aiming to simplify the lives of travelers with instant, daily, and nearby rental options.

Not only can renting a car from OuiCar enhance your travel experiences, but if you have a vehicle that is not in daily use, you can also make money by renting it out through OuiCar. By doing so, you can avoid the expenses of insurance, maintenance, parking, and fuel, which on average cost around €6000 per year. Join more than 30,000 owners who are already renting their vehicles on OuiCar and start earning today! OuiCar ensures a seamless and reliable experience for its members, providing insurance coverage partnered with AXA and offering a wide array of vehicle choices, including utility vehicles, small city cars, and even classic cars.

With over 2. 3 million members, OuiCar has facilitated thousands of rentals every day across France and Europe, covering more than 50 million kilometers. If you're ready to join this adventure of collaborative consumption, discover our offers and become part of the OuiCar community.

Experience easy and affordable travel through the sharing economy. OuiCar - redefining the way we approach car rental


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