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The best proxy service platform with 100M+ Residential and 2M Datacenter IP proxies.


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Oxylabs. io is a market-leading brand that specializes in providing proxy and web scraping solutions. With a mission to deliver top-quality services, Oxylabs.

io offers a range of products to meet the needs of businesses and individuals. Their proxy solutions include residential proxies, which provide human-like scraping without IP blocking, and mobile proxies that harness the power of IP addresses from real mobile devices. They also offer rotating ISP proxies, which allow users to extract the required data without the fear of being blocked.

For cost-effective scraping, Oxylabs. io provides fast and reliable shared datacenter proxies, as well as dedicated datacenter proxies that offer the highest performance on the market. Additionally, their SOCKS5 proxies are ideal for traffic-intensive scraping via UDP/TCP connection.

In addition to their proxy solutions, Oxylabs. io offers a variety of tools and addons. The Oxy Proxy Extension for Chrome is a free proxy manager extension that works with any proxy provider, while the Oxy Proxy Manager for Android is a free app that performs the same function on mobile devices.

The Proxy Rotator Add-on is designed to rotate datacenter proxies and help increase success rates. For those in need of specific data, Oxylabs. io provides Scraper APIs.

Their SERP Scraper API delivers scalable SERP data from major search engines, while the E-Commerce Scraper API provides enterprise-level data from the largest e-commerce marketplaces. The Real Estate Scraper API offers real-time data from popular real estate websites, and the Web Scraper API delivers public data from a majority of websites. To support their products and services, Oxylabs.

io also offers features such as a Web Crawler, which discovers all pages on a website and fetches data at scale, and a Scheduler that allows for the scheduling of multiple scraping tasks. With a wide range of proxy solutions, tools, and APIs, Oxylabs. io is the go-to brand for reliable and efficient web scraping solutions


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