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Discover the best beekeeping protective gears for safe and enjoyable apiary experiences.


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Introducing OZ ARMOUR CO, your one-stop shop for all your beekeeping needs! We specialize in providing expertly designed bee habitats, crafted from wood and propolis, to ensure colony comfort and productivity. Our brand offers a wide range of products and services to support beekeepers of all levels. Curious about how bees make hives? Look no further! Our informative blog explores the fascinating world of hive construction, delving into the architectural marvels created by these tiny insects.

From hive location to gathering raw materials, building the comb, honey storage, brood rearing, and hive defense, we cover it all. Our extensive range of beekeeping accessories includes protective gear such as suits, jackets, veils, gloves, and ankle protectors. We also offer top-notch equipment like hives, honey harvesting tools, containers, extractors, filters, and more.

Additionally, we provide live bees, candles, and other supplies to cater to your every beekeeping need. At OZ ARMOUR CO, we are committed to providing high-quality products that help you succeed in your beekeeping journey. Shop with us today and experience the difference!


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