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Pacific Stereo is a renowned brand that has been serving music and electronics enthusiasts for years. With a passion for all things mechanical and technological, they specialize in audio/video retail and service. Their expertise and experience in the stereo business are second to none.

From stock to sales, service to management, Pacific Stereo has excelled in every aspect of their industry. They have held numerous positions, including factory technicians for esteemed brands like Yamaha and JVC. Being factory-authorized for various well-known brands, they have a vast library of service information and a comprehensive stock of parts and original semiconductors.

What sets Pacific Stereo apart is their unique perspective. With a blend of engineering and music education, they understand how music is supposed to sound and how listeners perceive it. Combining their knowledge of vintage gear, they can repair and restore your cherished equipment to its highest potential.

Beyond repair, Pacific Stereo aims to bring the magic of music to your ears. They offer product rebuilds, parts, and an extensive range of services to ensure your gear operates at its finest. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their long-standing 19-year history on eBay.

Whether you're a tape enthusiast or an audio/video aficionado, Pacific Stereo welcomes you to explore their offerings. With their expertise, dedication to quality, and love for great people, they are eager to assist you with your treasured and rare audiovisual treasures. For any inquiries, feel free to contact Pacific Stereo, and they will promptly address your questions.

Discover the excellence of Pacific Stereo and experience the music like never before!


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