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Paul Timoney is an artist, performer, storyteller, poet, art teacher and general maker of things from Mullingar in the middle of Ireland.


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Paul Timoney is a brand that offers a wide range of artistic creations and experiences. Led by Paul himself, the brand specializes in poems, stories, pictures, and more. Paul's unique talent lies in combining different elements to create captivating shows and workshops, known as Art Experiences.

With a passion for his craft, Paul has performed and facilitated at prestigious venues such as The Abbey Theatre and The National Gallery of Ireland. Paul's diverse collection of work includes an array of stories and poems designed for all types of audiences. Whether you prefer a quiet listening experience or an interactive session, Paul has something to offer.

His sensory stories incorporate touch, taste, feel, smell, and sight, providing a truly immersive experience. From lighthearted and fun tales to introspective and thought-provoking narratives, Paul covers a broad range of emotions and themes. Experience the artistry of Paul Timoney and immerse yourself in his enchanting storytelling.

Whether you're looking for entertainment or seeking a unique artistic experience, Paul's creations are sure to captivate and inspire. Take a moment to explore his work and discover the magic of storytelling


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