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L'eshop du café de spécialité.


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Pesette is an exquisite brand that specializes in specialty coffee. They offer a wide range of products and services to cater to all coffee enthusiasts. Their collection includes carefully roasted coffee beans, premium accessories, a variety of brewing methods, and even recipes to elevate your coffee experience.

Pesette takes pride in providing specialty coffee that is freshly roasted by Europe's finest roasters. Their iconic coffee blends like PIHA Frinsa Edun and ESPERANZA Gayo Ile de Sumatra are a must-try for all coffee lovers. Additionally, Pesette goes beyond just offering products.

They also organize coffee tasting workshops in concept stores dedicated to wellness and upcycling, providing a multi-caffeinated experience. Pesette is committed to quality and sustainability. Their coffee beans are selected based on strict quality criteria, ensuring the finest brew with minimal intermediaries.

They advocate for zero packaging and zero waste, preferring bulk purchases. Join the Pesette community and indulge in the world of specialty coffee. Explore their categorized range of products, from coffee to accessories and gift ideas.

Embrace the Pesette routine and discover the true pleasure of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee


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