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O Grupo Petrotec integra um conjunto de empresas cuja atividade está centrada na produção, comercialização e assistência técnica a equipamentos e sistemas para as áreas de distribuição e retalho na industria petrolífera.


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Petrotec Group is a leading brand in the petroleum industry, specializing in the production, marketing, and technical support of equipment and systems for distribution and retail. With a global presence and a strong focus on innovation, Petrotec offers a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of its diverse clientele. Their product portfolio includes fuel pumps for both industrial and retail sectors, as well as solutions for AdBlue and LPG.

They also provide advanced car wash systems, payment and automation terminals, engineering services, and solutions for aviation and marinas. In addition, Petrotec offers storage solutions such as containerized fuel stations, tanks, and logistics terminals. Petrotec is committed to sustainability, quality, and safety, striving to minimize its environmental impact and ensuring the highest standards in all its operations.

With a strong emphasis on research and development, Petrotec constantly innovates to meet the evolving needs of the petroleum industry. Experience the future of fueling with Petrotec Group's cutting-edge AXON Range, featuring intelligent design and a dynamic user experience. Welcome to a new era of efficient and visually appealing fuel pumps, built with high-quality materials and utilizing hydraulic components for optimal performance.

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