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Play weekly tournaments for League of Legends and Valorant, compete in our leaderboards, and earn cool prizes! Coming in Q1, 2023.


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Playbase. GG is an exciting brand that offers a platform for next-generation gamers. With a focus on Esports tournaments, they provide an avenue for enthusiasts to play weekly tournaments for popular games like League of Legends and Valorant.

By participating in these tournaments and competing on leaderboards, players have the chance to win cool prizes. In addition to the thrilling competitions, Playbase. GG also offers early access to new games and opportunities to level up your Esports spirit.

What sets Playbase. GG apart is their commitment to security and trust in the Esports industry. They utilize Concordium blockchain to deliver a new level of security, ensuring validated prize distribution and safeguarding against fake accounts and malicious match results.

Furthermore, all the data generated through their platform is owned by the players and verified through an Esports technology used by millions worldwide. For those looking to take their passion for gaming to the next level, Playbase. GG offers the opportunity to become an organizer and start a meta hub.

With this technology, players can connect with commercial sponsors and unleash their inner organizer. Additionally, Playbase. GG provides a unique multi-level engagement system designed to keep players engaged and immersed in the gaming experience.

Playbase. GG also introduces a real play-to-earn ecosystem, where players can collect rewards by investing their time and skills. They are built on the science-backed Concordium blockchain, which balances privacy with accountability through its ID layer.

This ensures trust between players and companies while maintaining privacy. Join the Playbase. GG community to be a part of Esports 3.

0, where there are no fake accounts or results. Stay connected through their Discord channel and sign up to receive the latest news, updates, offers, and more. Playbase.

GG is passionate about gaming and aims to provide a trustworthy and engaging platform for gamers worldwide


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