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Playpower Labs is an award-winning EdTech company that aims to design high-impact learning experiences for underprivileged children worldwide. Established in 2009, they began as a non-profit organization and received a research grant of $180,000 from the MacArthur Foundation. Playpower Labs developed affordable learning technologies for students in India, including 8-bit learning games for $10 TV video games that were popular at the time.

They collaborated with learning scientists at Carnegie Mellon University's Human-Computer Interaction Institute in 2011, conducting rigorous research on online learning. Playpower Labs was one of the first research groups to run large-scale randomized controlled trials in educational products. Their experiments uncovered the relationship between difficulty and motivation in digital learning.

In 2012, Playpower Labs expanded their team and started building online games that targeted high-impact skills for struggling learners. They combined their expertise in learning science and engaging game design to reach students worldwide. Since 2016, Playpower Labs has been providing data science, product design, and software development services to leading education organizations.

They have assembled a world-class team with advanced scientific and technical skills to solve complex problems in education. With their NeuroUX platform, Playpower Labs offers mobile cognitive and psychological data collection, allowing researchers to remotely examine the effects of interventions. They provide cognitive tests and ecological momentary assessments in a user-friendly mobile experience.

Their Smart Paper technology, led by Chief Data Scientist Nirmal Patel, offers AI software for Paper-Digital Integration. This award-winning technology connects paper and digital learning, providing equitable large-scale assessments. Playpower Labs is guided by core values of human-centered design, play, and scientific rigor.

They strive to empower people using techniques from the forefront of human-centered design and believe in the power of play for learning and development. They prioritize scientific theory and practice, emphasizing evidence, open publication, and data-driven improvement. Over the years, Playpower Labs has earned recognition for their learning experiences and scientific research, impacting millions of students in the United States and India.

They work closely with education companies to build the future of education. To learn more or get in touch with Playpower Labs, you can visit their website or contact them via email or phone


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